Our Story

Here at The Pink Tea Cup, Incorporation, we’re committed to building girls who are creators, courageous, and compassionate. Through authentic mentorship, our unique approach to building self-love has produced girls who are conscious of self-worth as they matriculate through through their career path.


The story began with our CEO core belief that girls with vision become women of purpose. This started with her own mother-daughter relationship. Dr. B cherishes her first Forever Pink mother-daughter duo that she fore-mentioned. Both, her daughter and her first high school mentee, are HBCU college attendees. Her daughter, Nia, is a 2020 graduate of Clark-Atlanta University, while her first mentee, Tatyana attends Tuskegee as a first generation college student.


One of our five pillars is servitude. We have established community service projects so that we cultivate community within our organizations. Our charge is to end adultification bias by being an advocator and role model for black teen girls. We voice "let our girls be girls." Take a stand with us to end society's bias that black girls are adult-like by being a village to guide young girls through a journey of self-awareness, self-accountability, self-trust, and self-love.